Body Fat

Skin fold calliper test
BMI/Bio electrical impedance

Skin Fold:
1. Make sure all the measurements are on the right side of the body.
2. Carefully identify, measure and mark the skin fold site.
3. Grasp the skin fold firmly between the thumb and index finger on the left hand. 1cm above the mark, this gives the exact marked site.
4. Continue the grasp the fold with the left hand, keep the skin fold pinched whilst the callipers are pinched.
5. Place the jaws of the calliper perpendicular to the fold approximately 1cm below the thumb and index finger, release the callipers slowly.
6. Take the reading 4 seconds after release.
7. Open the jaws and remove from the site.

very repeatable as you repeat the test three times.


Human error reason why you take three readings to work out a mean.

Critique of the test (pros/cons):
Not strenuous
Not a lot of space is required.

Human error when pinching or reading will effect the results
Takes a while.


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