Considered to be one of the most accurate indicators of performance

Highly important in endurance athletes, triathletes and cyclists as it can allow an athlete to measure training zones, threshold points and sustainable power output levels

Peak Power

Peak power output (Wpeak) is the highest workload which can be sustained for 2-3 minutes during progressive incremental exercise to exhaustion (Bentley, 2001)

Maximum Aerobic Power

Maximum Aerobic Power is the highest peak oxygen uptake
Again incremental exercise to exhaustion but is measured during the final 2-3 minutes
VO2max can be predicted using the following equation:
VO2max (L/min) = 0.44 + (0.014 x MAP (Watts))

Functional Threshold

FTP is the maximal power output an athlete can sustain for a period of 60 minutes

Power tests

Peak Power Output
Maximal aerobic power
Functional threshold
Critical Power

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