Welcome to your New Site!

Congratulations on joining Fitness testing in sports online resource.

What do I do now?

Know you can edit anything on this page, we will put questions on here on the left hand side, in the navigation bar. you can add links to references, books, websites or images that you think are important to a specific topic.

How do I edit a site?

Good question. its easy, just go onto any web page that you what to edit, for example lets say you what to give us some information about reliability.
1. First you would click on the reliability link in the left hand navigation bar.
2. Now at the bottom of the page is an edit button, click this.
3. now a text editing tool will come up, try not to delete anyone else's contributions, just type your in, add links, images, anything you think will help your peers.
4. Make sure you press save!
5. your done!

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